Internet is a network of networks. It's a wide area network with huge collection of internet servers situated aroud the world.

Web page:

A web page is a document written using HTML language. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a language used for creating web pages.


A collection of web pages is called as website. Every website has got a unique address which is called as domain name.


URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

The complete address of a resource on internet is callled as URL. It contains the site address with the folder path of the resource.


In the above url http is the protocol used for transfering this data to our computer from the server.

Protocol is the set of rules that governs transfer of data across a network.

Example for protocols:

- HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol

- FTP: File Transfer Protocol

- SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol



Browser is a small software used to view web pages.

eg: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc.


Search engine:

Search egine is a program on internet which helps us to search and find out websites with the information we need.

eg: Google,, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc


Cloud computing

Using internet for storing and processing data is called as cloud computing.

Example for cloud storage services: Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, SkyDrive, iCloud, etc.

Advantages of using Cloud storage:

1. No need to spend money to buy storage devices.

2. Data will not be lost due to loosing pendrives.

3. Security - Cloud service companies will have better virus protection.

4. We can access our data from anywhere in the world.  

5. Data can be accessed on any of our devices like, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc


Disadvantages of using cloud storage:

1. Coud storage can be hacked.

2. Our data might be misused by insiders.


It is a meeting held between groups of people located at different part of the world using internet where they can see and hear each other. Mostly multinational companies use videoconferencing for their meetings rather than all members travelling to one place.


Requirements for Video conferencing

1. A fast internet connection

2. Microphone

3. Speaker

4. Projector / Large screen



1. No need to spend time and money for travelling.

2. All participants can be in their own offices.

3. Meetings can be arranged in short notice.

3. Can save money spent on hotel accomodations.


1. If internet connection fails meeting will be interrupted.

2. Members cannot sign on any document.

3. Extra hardware and broadband connection are expensive



The websites which allows users to modify/edit its content is called as wikis. The most popular wiki is, where users can edit the contents of some pages. The person who has edited a wikipedia page is known as wikipedian.


A blog is a frequently updated website posts, run by an individual or a small group. The person who writes bologs is called as blogger. 

Popular blogging sites are,,, etc.


Social networking

The sites which allows people to create profiles, post and share contents and connect with other people and communities are called as social networking sites.


- Facebook

- Google+

- Twitter : A microblogging website.

- Linkedin: It is a social networking site used by students and professionals to connect with other people professionaly.

- Instagram : It is a social networking site used for sharing photos and videos

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